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Recruiting Courses

Investment Banking Excel Course

Learn to use Excel like the professionals do on Wall Street. By the end of this course, you'll be a spreadsheet king, breezing through Excel without touching your mouse (the correct way to use Excel).

5+ years of lessons, tips and tricks packed in a few hours.

Taken by 500+ professionals

Financial Modeling Course

Learn financial modeling from the pros on Wall Street. Tailored to reflect Wall Street's rigorous standards, this course offers insights into financial modeling techniques used at top investment banks and private equity firms.

The goal of this course is to teach you to build a financial model like a seasoned Wall Street vet, with all the best tips and tricks learned by our team over many difficult years in finance. 

Taken by 300+ professionals

Private Equity Recruiting Course

The only course you need to break into private equity.

This PE recruiting course includes every type of interview question you’ll get asked, including behaviorial, technical and modeling questions.

Also includes compensation info (including carry data), scratch model template, deal prep, resume template, 7 actual modeling tests, and MUCH more….

Start your Investment Banking escape today.

Taken by 600+ professionals


IB VP at JP Morgan

"I've been on Wall Street for years but wanted to take this course to see if we can better train our investment banking analysts. I liked that this course is taught by a private equity associate. I think at that point you are the peak of your excel powers since the older you get, the less you use Excel. Henry is an incredible teacher, and his dry banking humor is very appropriate for their target audience. I forwarded it to my entire analyst class, who could learn a thing or two."

Finance at Amazon

"Being a part of the finance industry for over a decade, I've seen and participated in various training programs. But this Investment Banking Excel Course is in a league of its own. I love how ‘real’ the teacher keeps it and is there no corporate bs. It's comprehensive and the knowledge it provides is practical for any finance job. Worth every penny!"

MBA, Harvard Business School

"I have been trying to get up the curve in excel since my business school professors are not excel savvy at all. This course is exactly what I was looking for. To the point lessons, short videos, easy to understand commentary with real world applications. A great way to learn excel and fast."

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