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Top 10 Excel Shortcuts for Finance

'Tis always hot key szn.


These shortcuts all work on a PC; if you have a Mac you’re either an MD who doesn’t need Excel, or you should go back to art school where you belong.

Alt W V G: Remove gridlines. Don’t be that guy who fills in cells white. Remove your gridlines and make your sheet look better.

Alt =: This is the auto-sum feature in excel. Typing +SUM() every time is a waste.

Alt E S / Alt H V S: This is the paste special window. This will allow you to paste as a value, paste formats, column widths, and many more.

F4: F4 has two uses: if you are not editing a formula, it allows you to repeat any action. If you are in a formula it will allow you to lock-in a cell, row, or column depending on how many times you hit it.

Alt M V: If you don’t have any CapitalIQ add-ins or things like that, this allows you to open up Excel’s formula auditor. You can audit through every part of your calculation here and see where (if anywhere) your formula is going wrong.

Alt H 0: Increase decimal places

Alt H 9: Decrease decimal places

Ctrl 1: Formatting menu

Alt H O I: Auto fit column width

Alt F T: Excel options menu

Should you need further advice, check out our excel courses here or get our full excel shortcuts cheat sheet here.

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